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Bobbie Brown Cherry Pie


Bobbie Brown Cherry Pie

Bobbie Jean Brown was on Star Search, but she was best known for her role in the music video for the Warrant Song, Cherry Pie. It was a very memorable video. It was very over the top and quite silly in some respect. They hit on all aspects of pies and cherries except for the most obvious one. That was, of course, no one was hit with any pies in the video. There was a shot at the end of the video where Bobbie was shown throwing a pie at the camera.

There was a scene that was meant to be at the end of the video that was cut for time. It was a scene where the band started to get wild and rowdy and began to through loads of pies at Bobbie. She at first made a shocked face when the first pie hit her. She was then shown laughing and enjoying it. She tried to throw pieces of pie back at the band to no avail. They continued to pelt her with pies. She then began to make sexy faces and to dance, rubbing the pie around on herself, sensually. She took handfuls of the pie and rubbed them around all over herself.

They continued to throw pies at her. She laughed as they smushed pies in her face and around her blonde hair. This theme did not end with the video, however, she was hired to tour with the band around the country to promote the song. There were meet and greets in every city where a lucky fan would get to pie her. She would stick her tongue out and laugh. Even though it was silly and a little bit embarrassing, overall, it was a lot of fun and not the worst way in the world to make some good money for only a few minutes of work. She actually ended up marrying the lead singer of the band.

The video turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to her in her life. The band wasn’t as fond of the song because they felt it made them look a bit silly, but as over the top as it was, it was still a lot of fun and a part of their legacy. They also had about another half a dozen big hits that were classics of the time.

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